This past few days have been below zero and clear (other than fog) and Fort Langley, still decorated from Christmas and New Years, looks so special, we went out a couple mornings to try and capture some of the magic on our camera, especially with the frost being pretty spectacular (for frost, anyway).    Living in a small, historic community beside a major river can make for very special scenes and landscapes.   Even a railroad can look good here!

You just have to love the village atmosphere and the small stores and businesses each doing their own special decorating.   While many of us wish for a white Christmas every year, those cold early mornings before the sun is well up can have everything blanketed in a thick, white frost that certainly gives “that look”.   But you have to get up early to see it.

I hope you enjoy our small slideshow presentation of our photos we took and have an opportunity to enjoy Fort Langley just after the sun is up, still low in the sky and the frost not yet melted off.