We would like to extend gratitude to all those who attended our recent Fort Langley Community Association Townhall Meeting on Mosquitoes. The event was a resounding success, with a strong turnout and engaging discussions about the challenges we face with mosquito control in our area. Thank you to Dirk Lewis and Shaun Calver from Morrow Bioscience, whose insightful presentation shed light on the technical aspects of managing mosquito control programs.

A Recap of the Meeting: During the meeting, we openly addressed the significant impact mosquitoes had on our lives and community throughout the previous year. We highlighted the disruption they caused, from hindering outdoor activities to affecting local businesses and even decreasing attendance at events like the Fort Langley Jazz Festival. The urgency to find a solution was palpable, and it was clear that our community was eager to tackle this issue head-on.

Collaborative Efforts and the Way Forward: While we had hoped for the attendance of representatives from the Township of Langley and Metro Vancouver, their absence did not dampen our resolve. We remain committed to working closely with them to address the oversight in mosquito control measures and seek their support in implementing effective solutions.

Moving forward, we aim to build upon the momentum generated by the Townhall Meeting. Our immediate focus will be on establishing strong lines of communication with the relevant authorities, ensuring that our concerns are heard and acted upon. It is through collaborative efforts and a unified community voice that we can achieve lasting change.

Watch the Facebook Live Session: For those who were unable to attend the Townhall Meeting or would like to revisit the insightful discussions, we have made available the video recording of the Facebook Live session. You can find the video embedded below:

Facebook Live video

Join the Conversation: We encourage all community members to actively participate in this ongoing dialogue. Your input, ideas, and experiences are invaluable as we strive to combat the mosquito menace together. Please feel free to share your thoughts, concerns, and suggestions in the comments section below the blog post. Together, we can make a difference and create a mosquito-free environment for Fort Langley.

Conclusion: The Fort Langley Community Association is deeply committed to addressing the mosquito issue that has plagued our community. With the support of our dedicated members, guest speakers, and concerned individuals like yourself, we are confident in our ability to effect positive change. Let’s continue the conversation, collaborate, and work towards a future where mosquitoes no longer hinder our enjoyment of Fort Langley’s natural beauty.

Here is a link to the Township of Langley’s Mosquito Control webpage. www.tol.ca/en/services/mosquito-control.aspx