Development Application Project 11-33-0138 / TOWNSHIP OF LANGLEY

Township of Langley has asked the FLCA to review the below application from our perspective and advise as to what requirements we are recommending be imposed as conditions of the application proceeding.

It is the policy of the FLCA to always reflect the views of residents and businesses and so we ask for your thoughts. Only those emailed by October 31st to will be compiled and forwarded.

It is anticipated we will have the opportunity to speak at a Public Hearing at a future date.

Development Application Project 11-33-0138 / TOWNSHIP OF LANGLEY

Please be advised that the Community Development Division is in receipt of the aforementioned application for property located at:

CIVIC: 9112. 9114 and 9134 King St, 23391 &23411 Mary Ave and 9093, 9103 and 9113 Royal St.

LEGAL: Lot 5,6,7,8,9,10,11 and 12 District lot 19 Group 2 NWD Plan EPP 8856

Community/Neighbourhood Plan Area: Fort Langley

Land Use Designation: Institutional

The applicant proposes to amend the Fort Langley Community Plan and rezone the property from Residential Zone (R-1E) to a new Comprehensive Development Zone for the development of 45 townhouse units. A Heritage Alteration Permit application has also been submitted.


11-33-0138 - CONTEXT PLAN