February 10, 2015Attendees (Board Members)
Connie Blundy                      Merle Campbell                 Andy Schildhorn
Solon Bucholz                      George Otty                       Harold Whittell
Soo-Jean Yee

Regrets (Board Members)
John Allan                              Jasmina HansenCall to Order:
The meeting was called to order at 8:05 p.m.Adoption of Minutes of January 20, 2015 Meeting
It was moved by Andy and seconded by Solon to adopt the minutes as read.Business arising from the Minutes
George has spoken to Jonathan Wilkins about redoing the website. Jonathan created it using Dreamweaver which is very complex and so we will switch it over to WordPress by the summer. It is much more user-friendly.Truck traffic
We will explore the costs involved in having a Traffic Engineer work with us to explore options to move the truck route out of the Village. John to seek possible candidates and the costs involved. Also suggested that we include parking solutions in the feasability study.Harold informed us that it is an MOT regulation that trucks use the most direct route possible and he will contact MOT to suggest that checks on whether that is happening here might be appropriate. Merle suggested hiring someone at an hourly rate to follow the trucks.ln south Langley there is a lot of enforcement of dumping bylaws and whether that is happening here should be asked of TOL. Harold will follow up.New Business
Solon is Chair of the TOL Advisory Committee to the Mayor’s community participation infrastructure advisory committee which was formed to explore setting up community associations in each of the 6 Langley neighbourhoods.FLCA will not necessarily be the group to represent Fort Langley. We will follow the process and stay informed.TOL started building a columbarium in the cemetery right next to the cenotaph. The Heritage Committee was notified and the building was stopped and the columbarium relocated to a less obtrusive place in the cemetery.

Treasurer’s Report
No Treasurer’s Report at this meeting.

The meeting was terminated at 9:30 pm.