Attendees (Board Members)
Andy Schildhorn
Harold Whittell
John Allan
Connie Blundy
George Otty
Soo Jean Yee
Merle Campbell

Jasmina Hansen

Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order at 7:35 p.m.

Approval of Agenda:
With the addition of a review of the website it was moved by Harold and seconded by John, to approve the Agenda.

Approval of Minutes of March 17, 2015
It was moved by Harold and seconded by John to approve the Minutes of the March 17, 2015 meeting.

Business from Prior Meetings

  1. Traffic in the Village:
    John reviewed 2 separate proposals received relative to our wishes to look at signal controls at Mavis & Glover, 96th & Glover as well as parking within the Village and heavy truck movement.  We have received quotes from CTS and Bunt & Associates.  The CTS proposals seem to more nearly match our needs and are broken down on a menu basis from which we can select items.
    It was suggested that we meet with Paul Cordeiro of TOL to review his study and any new developments of which he may be aware, before we commit to spending any further monies.  Andy volunteered to set up a meeting with Paul, Andy and John.  We should wait for the results of that meeting before going back to the traffic study people.
  2. Mayor’s Committee Meeting
    April 22, 2015:  Connie plans to attend.
  3. Underground wiring:
    There was a meeting with Township staff in the Community Hall.  This was a technical session with drawings and charts.  It was indicated there was some intent to locate transformer boxes to be as unobtrusive as possible.
  4. Website:
    George reports the site is up and running with the calendar up to date.  February minutes are posted and the March minutes will be posted shortly.  John to send the 2014 minutes to George for posting. 

Goals for 2015:

  1. Better community engagement
  2. Consider placing a sandwich board on the curb at the hall when a meeting is in progress to entice citizens to attend
  3. Consider a general survey to be communicated to the citizens asking what they would like to gain from living in Fort Langley.  Such survey may be structured so that we could hand it out to tourists, either on specific events (Mayday, Cranberry Festival) or on a designated weekend.
  4. Consider a BIA/FLCA observer exchange
  5. Achieve some progress on traffic signals and on the parking capacity within the Village
  6. To investigate how other municipalities handle Local Area Service petitions where there is an uneven distribution of landowners.
  7. Improve our visibility through better social media engagement.

Treasurer’s Report
No report at this meeting.

New Business
Andy reported that all documentation has now been submitted to make the FLCA a Society.

Connie to represent the Association at the Queen’s Breakfast for the Mayday celebration.

Next Meeting
Tuesday, May 19th at the Community Hall at 7:30 pm


Moved by Connie and seconded by George to terminate the meeting at 9:15 pm