Township Asks for Demolition Plans Feedback For 9121 Church Street

11-33-0132 Referral Letter


Request for Comment

Hello Fort Langley Friends

There is a demolition application under the Heritage Alteration Permit at 9121 Church Street.  For reference this is the final boarded up building on the site encompassed by Glover/Mary/Church and faces Church Street.  There is no information we have been given about any possible future development plan for this site.  The feedback the Township is asking for as per the letter above is only for community feedback on what requirements you would like to see recommended to be imposed as conditions of this application proceeding.

Site Plan-rotated


Below is further information sent to us from the Township of Langley:

Street Site Plan-rotated

If you have any thoughts or comments please email back by Friday July 16, 2020.  We apologize for the very short notice.  You can either write an email to us at “” or you can type your comments here.  Note this feedback is only in relation to the Heritage Alteration Permit to demolish the building on this site.

Your emails and letters make a difference!  

Thank You,

Andy Schildhorn,

Fort Langley Community Association