Waterfront Committee to curate community vision of Haldi House and Fort Langley Marina Park.

Fort Langley Community Association announces a new committee. The Fort Langley Community Association (FLCA) has formed a committee to engage with community members (Township of Langley residents, Fort Langley businesses and community organizations) to understand their perspectives for the future of the Fort Langley Marina Park and Haldi House.  These properties extend east from Glover

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Heritage Alteration Permit Application – 9180 Glover Road

Re:  Development Application Project 11-33-0125 / STATEWOOD PROPERTIES LTD  Please be advised that the Community Development Division is in receipt of the aforementioned application for property located at: CIVIC:        9180 Glover Road LEGAL:      Lot 11 Block 2 District Lot 19 Group 2 NWD Plan 578 Community Plan Area: Fort Langley Community Plan Land Use Designation

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School Trustee Candidates Video-All Candidates Forum 2022 As an unbiased, non-governing body, the strength of the FLCA comes from the collective voice of the community. The FLCA tackles issues that affect the people of Fort Langley, reaches out for community input, and shares its findings. Through community surveys, the FLCA has learned that truck trafficis people’s primary concern, followed by

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Mayoral Candidates Video-All Candidates Forum 2022 The FLCA represents the aspirations and wishes of the community to the Township of Langley Council by reviewing and commenting on such items as applications for development permits, proposed changes to laws or zoning, and special events requiring Township of Langley (TOL) approval. When the TOL requests our commentary on development applications, we

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Councillor Candidates Video-All Candidates Forum 2022 The FLCA holds All Candidates Forum in election years, along with Open Houses for such organizations as Block Watch. The Association is also committed to supporting community endeavours that enhance the community spirit of the village of Fort Langley. The FLCA is funded through donations, the Township of Langley Community Grant of

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North Langley Water Quality Report

The North Langley Water Report is Here Have you wondered why your water pipes are corroding at an accelerated rate? After reading the McBride Water Report last Spring and incidentally coming across our issues, it was decided to investigate further. We received a petition directed to Mayor and Council asking to address this issue. We

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