North Langley Water Quality Report

The North Langley Water Report is Here Have you wondered why your water pipes are corroding at an accelerated rate? After reading the McBride Water Report last Spring and incidentally coming across our issues, it was decided to investigate further. We received a petition directed to Mayor and Council asking to address this issue. We

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All-Candidates Forum

  To All FLCA Members and General Public On September 28 and 29 the Fort Langley Community Association will be hosting an “All Candidate Forum” at the Fort Langley Community Hall for the upcoming TOL election.  Our goal at this forum is to support and encourage a successful and democratic election process. This is an

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Mosquito Control Program

Fort Langley is not the only area experiencing increased concerns about mosquitoes this year, but our proximity to the Fraser River during freshet makes our area susceptible.  The following resources provide answers to your questions about mosquito control in our area and a way for you to report specific concerns. The Township of Langley (TOL)

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Sprung a Leak? Continually having Plumbing Issues?

The Fort Langley Community Association wants to hear from you in regard to the quality of water and any premature degradation of your hot water tanks and plumbing. The FLCA previously released two reports compiled by Brent York and Stu MacGillivray. The first can be found here, with an update here. The FLCA would like

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McBride Station Water Report Update

Here is an update TOL’s response to plumbing corrosion caused by Fort Langley Well #2 Water On Thursday, March 31, the Township of Langley utility staff held a meeting with Brent York and Stu MacGillivray at Fort Langley Well #2. The meeting was called to discuss the evidence of aggressive metal corrosion attributed to the water

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