Waterfront Proposal – Call for Comment

Call for Comment on the Waterfront Proposal We have received a request from the proponent asking the FLCA to comment on this proposal. As a volunteer group, we are not in a position to state an opinion without the consultation of our membership.   You may have missed the chance to voice your thoughts at

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King Street Townhomes – Development Application Project

  Development Application Project 11-33-0138 / TOWNSHIP OF LANGLEY Township of Langley has asked the FLCA to review the below application from our perspective and advise as to what requirements we are recommending be imposed as conditions of the application proceeding. It is the policy of the FLCA to always reflect the views of residents and

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Glover Road Restaurant and Future Sales Center – Township of Langley is asking for your thoughts?

Re: Development Application Project 11-33-0139 / FORT LANGLEY PROPERTIES LTD Please be advised that the Community Development Division is in receipt of the aforementioned application for property located at: CIVIC: 9148 Glover Road LEGAL: Lot A District lot 19 Group 2 NWD Plan EPP104241 Community/Neighbourhood Plan Area: Fort Langley Land Use Designation (Permitted Density

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Fort Langley Community Association Selected to Manage Community Banner Program

Invitation for local community groups to participate in Fort Langley Community Banner Program. Fort Langley, BC - The Fort Langley Community Association (FLCA) is working with the Township of Langley to manage the streetscape banner program in the downtown areas of Fort Langley under the Community Banner Program for 2021. While the installation of banners

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Tree Protection Bylaw Public Feedback Opportunity

Here is your opportunity to voice your opinion on this most important aspect of our quality of life. Township of Langley Council is considering proposed changes to the Tree Protection Bylaw 2019, No. 5478. The proposed changes strive to balance needs for streamlined bylaw implementation while maximizing tree protection and preservation. Read about the changes,

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Public Engagement: 216 Street Corridor Study

  TOL Public Engagement: 216 Street Corridor Study, Phase 2 Fort Langley Residents: Below are details of the Public Engagement Opportunity for the 216St Corridor. The proposed Truck Route will be south down 216th St and then east along 88th Ave and south onto Glover Rd. Residents will be greatly affected by the future designated

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Glover Road North Development

The Fort Langley Community Association has received a letter from the Township of Langley regarding: 'Development Application Project 11-33-0135 / Statewood Properties Ltd.' The applicant proposes to construct a one (1) storey restaurant building with a patio and playground. Existing zoning is Community Commercial Zone C-2. They are seeking feedback, comments and questions from

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Township Asks for Heritage Alteration Permit Feedback For New Museum Project

Township Asks for Heritage Alteration Permit Feedback For New Museum Project  Request for Comment Hello Fort Langley Friends There is a Heritage Alteration Permit request for 9112, 9114 and 9134 King Street; 23391 and 23411 Mary Avenue; 23418, 23428, 23438 and 23448 Mavis Ave; 9093, 9103 and 9113 Royal Street.  Our previous posts on this

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