The FLCA Mandate

The mandate of the Fort Langley Community Association (FLCA) is to represent the opinions of the residents and businesses of Fort Langley to the Township Council and others and to provide the residents with information about issues of importance to the Village.  If you would like to contact us, please see our “Contact” page.

Be a Part of the Village!

We encourage YOU to become involved in your Community Association. It is a unified voice of the Village and represents the residents and businesses to Langley Township Council. Feel free to attend our meetings held on the second Tuesday of each month at the Fort Langley Community Hall. Come and just listen in or bring your ideas or any concerns.   All are welcome.

Who We Are

The Fort Langley Community Association members are the residents, owners and operators of businesses in Fort Langley Village, or those living within the Fort Langley Elementary School catchment area.  A Board of up to 13 Directors is elected from the membership at the Annual General Meeting each year, the date of which is published at least two weeks in advance.

What Do we Do?

The Association represents the aspirations and wishes of the community to Langley Township Council by reviewing and commenting on Applications for Development Permits, Proposed changes to laws or zoning and Special Events requiring Township Approval.  The Association Is Also Committed To Supporting community endeavors which enhance the community spirit of the Village of Fort Langley.

FLCA Board

The executive board is elected from the community at large and we invite comments and feedback on all matters concerning Fort Langley’s environment including this site. You are most welcome to come to our meetings; if you have a presentation for us, we need prior notice. If you live within the greater Fort Langley area and would like to become involved in the community, please help us maintain the quality of Fort Langley life.

Andy Schildhorn
Andy SchildhornPresident
Andy is committed to the community of Langley and the lifestyle it represents. Living in the fort for 27 years, he works as a realtor. A founding director and past president of the Fort Langley Business Improvement Association, Andy is a retired member of the Langley Township Fire Department.
Aaron Madaiksy
Aaron MadaiksyDirector
Aaron is passionate about creating community. Joining the FLCA in 2021, Aaron is hoping to contribute to the beauty of Fort Langley. Being a lover of fun & games, Aaron is always up for some ‘hoops, tennis, or any other activity.
Alison Hewitt
Alison HewittDirector
Alison has lived in Fort Langley for twenty-one years, enjoying the sense of community and the natural surroundings. In her years as an educator in Langley, she has volunteered on numerous committees. She continues to serve on the board of the Amabilis Singers.
Janine Twist
Janine TwistDirector
Janine and her family have lived in Fort Langley since 2004. She has a Master in Public Policy from SFU and is currently employed in a provincial crown corporation. Janine is looking forward to supporting the residents of Fort Langley within the FLCA.
Megan Smith
Megan SmithDirector
Megan is a long-time resident of Fort Langley. She cares deeply about the community and is excited to be involved with the FLCA in supporting the wishes of the residents and businesses of Fort Langley. Megan has a background in property management and has volunteered with various groups and causes both overseas and locally over the years.
Lies Reimer
Lies ReimerDirector
Lies Reimer has been living in Fort Langley with her family since 2015. She comes from a background in professional sport, holds an MBA and is the General Manager of Red Door Events that hosts the Brewhalla Fort Langley Beer and Music festival each May long weekend. She looks forward to engaging with the people that invest in creating the vibrance and community spirit here in Fort Langley.
Malcolm Weatherston
Malcolm WeatherstonDirector
Malcolm is extremely busy in the community. Director/Manager of Fort Langley Village Farmers’ Market. Director of AgriMarkets Ltd. Founder of Heritage Fort Langley. Past Director of Mountain View Conservation and a Director of the Fort Langley Community Association for two years.
Audrey Maschi
Audrey MaschiDirector
Audrey has lived in Fort Langley for over 30 years while raising a family and participating in community activities. Audrey has a strong connection to friends and residents in Fort Langley and throughout the Township of Langley. Audrey has experienced many changes to the Fort Langley landscape. She wants to participate in future discussions and committee work to continue to make Fort Langley a great place to live and visit.
Mike Barter
Mike BarterDirector
Mike and his family migrated from Vancouver to Fort Langley in 2021. For over a decade he’s managed a digital marketing agency based in New Westminster, and he served on the UBC campus and community radio station board of directors for several years. 2022 will be Mike’s first year with the FLCA.
Susan Mackenzie
Susan MackenzieDirector
Sue and her husband have been residents of Fort Langley for the past 20 years, along with other family members who continue to live in the Fort. With grandchildren, who have attended the local school, she has an interest in working to maintain the unique character, while embracing the growth that enhances the life and culture of all who call Fort Langley their home or place of business. Sue enjoyed teaching in Langley School District for over 30 years and is active in the Langley Retired Teachers Association. As a retired resident, Sue looks forward to finding ways to contribute time and effort to the FLCA.

Bylaws of the Association