The Fort Langley Community Association wants to hear from you in regard to the quality of water and any premature degradation of your hot water tanks and plumbing.

The FLCA previously released two reports compiled by Brent York and Stu MacGillivray. The first can be found here, with an update here.

The FLCA would like to compile a written record of this issue to provide to the Township of Langley (TOL). If you agree and want to include your experience, fill out the form by July 31, 2022. Email any pictures you want to include to with your name and address.

The responses will be sent, as submitted, to the TOL. The FLCA will also create a summary of the responses, without names and addresses, that will be publicly available.

If you do not want to use the FLCA form, we encourage you to contact the TOL directly about your issue.


If you have any questions about your privacy or wish to rescind your response before “July 31, 2022”, please email Fort Langley Community Association at and write “Attention: Privacy” in the subject line. Please limit your personal information except for your name and address, which are required to verify the water issue.