March 21, 2024
To the Township of Langley Council and Community,
As members of the Fort Langley Waterfront Committee, we pen this open letter with a hopeful inquiry regarding the Fort Langley Waterfront Park survey that closed on June 17, 2023. Our community’s participation in this survey was a testament to our collective commitment and vision for the future of this cherished space.
Over eight months have now passed, and we find ourselves in a quiet period of waiting and wondering. We understand the complexities of planning and the thoughtful analysis required to process public feedback. Yet, the absence of updates has sparked curiosity and concern within our community about the next steps.
Our goal is simple: to foster ongoing dialogue and ensure the development of the waterfront park truly reflects the community’s wishes. We believe in the power of collective planning and the importance of transparent communication in achieving a vision that serves the best interest of all.
In 2016, Langley Township Council unanimously endorsed its Public Engagement Charter and Strategy to create fundamental standards for public engagement in our community.
One of its central principles outlines elements of accountability and transparency in its framework to ensure Township’s commitment to responsiveness as an engagement-friendly institution.
The Charter further commits the Township to strengthening a spirit of collaboration to ensure meaningful community consultation.
A recent review of the Township of Langley’s Waterfront Lands in Fort Langley website indicates no further public information after the public survey closed with no further reference to updates or follow up engagement.
We kindly request any available information on the survey outcomes and a timeline for future communications. We are eager to continue this dialogue, contributing to a process that shapes a waterfront park that is not only a place of natural beauty and recreation but also a symbol of our community’s unity and strength.
Let us come together, Township and community, to advance this dialogue and work towards realizing the full potential of the Fort Langley Waterfront Park.
With anticipation and community spirit,
The Waterfront Committee comprises of the Fort Langley Community Association, Langley Heritage Society, Heritage Fort Langley, and the Fort Langley Legacy Foundation, embody a collaborative community effort. We can be reached at