Survey Results and Presentation to Mayor and Council on the historic Haldi House and Fort Langley Marina Park

We are excited to share the results of the survey conducted in collaboration with local community groups, residents, and businesses. Your active participation has played a crucial role in shaping the vision for these properties, aligning with the needs and desires of our community.

The Fort Langley Marina Park, located between Glover Road and the boat launch, stretching from the Fraser River to the railway tracks, holds immense potential as a community space. Its current zoning, P-1 (Civic Institutional), designates it as a park area. On the other hand, Haldi House, currently zoned C2 (General Commercial), represents a significant heritage site within our community.

The survey, which was open until Wednesday, June 21st, garnered an overwhelming response from the community. We received valuable insights and perspectives that will serve as the foundation for future visioning workshops and discussions. Here are some key results:

  1. Community Priorities:
    • Preservation of heritage elements and historical significance of Haldi House received strong support from respondents.
    • Enhancing the natural beauty of Fort Langley Marina Park and improving public access to the Fraser River were identified as top priorities.
  2. Recreational Activities:
    • Respondents expressed a desire for a variety of recreational amenities such as walking trails, picnic areas, playgrounds, and spaces for community events and gatherings.
    • Water-based activities like boating and kayaking also ranked high among the preferred recreational options.
  3. Cultural and Educational Opportunities:
    • The community showed great interest in incorporating cultural and educational elements within the park and Haldi House, including art installations, interpretive signage, and interactive learning experiences.

This survey marks the initial phase of our outreach efforts. Going forward, we intend to conduct on-site discussions and organize town hall meetings to explore the survey results further and engage in deeper conversations with the community. Our goal is to foster meaningful dialogue and collaboration as we continue to explore a vision for the Fort Langley Marina Park and historic Haldi House. We will work closely with the Township of Langley and other stakeholders to ensure a comprehensive and inclusive process.

We encourage you to stay engaged and participate in upcoming community events and consultations. Your input will continue to shape the future of these properties and create a shared vision that reflects our collective aspirations.

We would like to thank all participants for their valuable contributions to this important endeavour. Your active involvement and insights are instrumental in shaping the direction and priorities for these significant properties. Stay tuned for updates on future community engagement opportunities.

Waterfront Survey Results.pptx