Have you ever taken the time to relax and sit at Marina Park or Derby Reach and watch the Fraser River for a while?   If you only ever glance at it or see it for a minute or two while driving by, you likely miss a lot of what goes on.   Not only are people fishing from the shore, having a picnic or barbecue or even having their dog fetch sticks and splashing happily back to the shore.   There is a lot of river traffic that goes by over time as well.   Yes, you will see the expected small fishing boats or pleasure boats and for sure some speedboats racing along.

But there are also tugboats at work all the time, powerfully and slowly pulling all kinds of floating goods.  The Fraser River is their highway.   At times it can be astonishing sizes of barges or log booms.   There are big tugboats and some fairly small ones.    If you have not seen one of the large ones, their load delivered, going as fast as they can (not that fast) back up the river (against the current) and how much water is rolled up ahead of them and displaced in their wake, it’s quite the scene.

Take a look at our slideshow.   We will add more pictures as time goes on so come back and visit again!