Monday, December 12, 2022 at 1:00pm

Four items of interest are on the agenda for today’s TOL Council meeting:

Development Variance Permit Application No. 100151  (Trading Post Brewing Corporation / 9143 Glover Road) Report 22-114 File CD 11-33-0053

That Council authorize Development Variance Permit No. 100151 for property located at 9143 Glover Road subject to the following: a. Section 107.3 c) vi) – Required off-street parking spaces of Township of Langley Zoning Bylaw 1987 No. 2500 being varied from seven (7) to six (6) off-street parking spaces as indicated in Schedule “A”.

Mayor Woodward presented the following Notice of Motion within the deadlines according to Council’s policy:

1. Disposition of Bedford Landing Commercial Unit Whereas:

  1. At the Regular Council Meeting of December 5, 2022, Council directed staff to reform and consolidate current land acquisition and disposal policies to be more transparent with equal opportunities for all;
  2. The location of CRU 100, 23285 Billy Brown Road within  Bedford Langley in Fort Langley has been unoccupied for over a year without a resolution; and
  3. A commercial strata unit of this nature and location remains an excellent opportunity for a vibrant, valued and premium destination within the Township of Langley, potentially better able to serve the public interest within the private sector than local government to obtain property taxes and to better serve other strategic priorities with its disposition;
Therefore be it resolved that Council hereby directs staff to dispose of  CRU 100, 23285 Billy Brown Road, Fort Langley (the “CRU”), as follows:
  1. Substantially consistent with new processes being developed by staff to reform and consolidate the land acquisition and disposal policy as directed by Council to be concluded and conducted in the public domain in a fully transparent, fair and open process for all members of the public to be aware of and potentially participate in;
  2. The Township of Langley will solicit offers to purchase the subject unit by way of a Request for Offer (the “RFO”) issued through BC Bid;
  3. The disposition will be further advertised via: 1. a notice of the disposition that is to be advertised in accordance with Sections 26 and 94 of the Community Charter; 2. a notice of the disposition that is to be posted to the Township of Langley’s website and social media; 3. forwarding the RFO to those on the maintained list of parties that have previously expressed interest in leasing or acquiring in the CRU; and 4. forwarding the RFO to commercial real estate brokerages.
  4. The ultimate sale price must be within 10% of the appraised value as established by an independent and qualified appraiser, with a minimum floor price to be confirmed publicly for interested parties as part of the RFO;
  5. A real estate commission of 2.5% will be paid via the accepted offer if submitted through a licensed broker otherwise finders’ fees or other real estate commission for the sale of the CRU will not be paid;
  6. Only an offer without subject conditions to the benefit of the Township of Langley will be considered, along with a non-refundable deposit of 15% that must form part of an offer with contract completion within 90 days; and
  7. The successful bidder will be selected based on the highest purchase price submitted without condition precedents to be confirmed in a transparent process verifiable and transparent to the public and all bidders.
Councillor vanPopta presented the following Notices of Motion within the deadlines according to Council’s policy:

Delineators on 96 Avenue


  1. Delineators were recently erected on 96 Avenue as part of the TransLink Bicycle Infrastructure Capita Share (BICCS) funding and the ICBC Active Transportation Improvements On Connective;
  2. The delineators have already seen excessive damage or been knocked down;
  3. Residents have been complaining of safety due to the perceived narrowing of the roads;
  4. The shoulder area is narrow and unkempt for cyclists forcing many to ride on the roadways outside of the delineators; and
  5. Vehicles no longer have the ability of pulling over for emergency vehicles.
Therefore be it resolved that:
  1. 1. Staff prepare a report that addresses the cost, process, and timeline to remove the delineators on 96 Avenue; and
  2. Staff report on the cost currently incurred to maintaining the delineators up until this point.
Councillor Kunst presented the following Notices of Motion within the deadlines according to Council’s policy:

Fort Langley Well #2

Whereas according to expert advice from Fraser Health having access to an alternate source of water is critical to ensure supply of safe water during possible emergencies, such as earthquakes, etc.;
Therefore be it resolved that Council direct staff to continue to decommission as directed by Council and leave in a state such that Fort Langley Well #2 could be used as a backup source of water in case of an emergency.