Township Asks for Heritage Alteration Permit Feedback For New Museum Project 

Request for Comment

Hello Fort Langley Friends

There is a Heritage Alteration Permit request for 9112, 9114 and 9134 King Street; 23391 and 23411 Mary Avenue; 23418, 23428, 23438 and 23448 Mavis Ave; 9093, 9103 and 9113 Royal Street.  Our previous posts on this topic were regarding the Township requesting feedback for the proposed demolition of all the buildings on these lots (one square block).  This is now the request for community feedback for the actual Heritage Alteration Permit and upcoming Development Permit for the new Museum itself.   This will be the site of the new Fort Langley Museum project.   Basically it’s the entire block encompassed by Mavis, King, Mary and Royal.  Right across from the large green grass space outside the physical Fort itself.   The information below is all we have been sent.   At the bottom of this post we will provide a link to a previous story we published of the future plans that entail more drawings and plans of the inside but beware that we do not know if these are current or applicable anymore.

11-33-0128 Referral Letter

Note that you do not necessarily have to email Township directly and if you prefer, you can email us (The Fort Langley Community Association) in the link at the bottom of this post and we will submit all feedback we receive from the community all together to the Township.

For reference, this is the block of area that will be used for the museum and related condos/townhouses (whatever is ultimately chosen).


These are the drawings sent to us as the context plan of the property location (below):




These are the architectural drawings provided to us of the building and affected area, placement, coverage, etc.  It’s worth noting that the section of Royal Avenue that currently runs between this location and the actual Fort itself will be removed as part of this project (below):

NOTE: The architectural drawings below are 5 pages in total and you can use the arrow controls to cycle through each separate drawing.

Architecture_Plans June 2020-rotated


If you have any thoughts or comments please email back as soon as possible.  You can write an email to us at “” with your comments and we will compile all responses and send them on to the Township.  Or you can type your comments here.  Note this feedback is only in relation to the Heritage Alteration Permit required for the proposed construction of the new Museum from what we can tell from the letter.

Your emails and letters make a difference!  

Thank You,

Andy Schildhorn,

Fort Langley Community Association


Further Info: Read the Langley Township News and Info about the new proposed museum

You can read the info about the new museum itself on the TOL website.  Note TOL site has a link that also gives information from the Government of Canada news release.  See the Township of Langley information  HERE

You can also see the previous renditions of the buildings and interior layout on our previous post on our website.  We have not been given any further details or changes so as far as we know, this is still the overall plan but likely subject to future changes.  You can see these diagrams HERE.

Architect rendition of new Museum building: