Invitation for local community groups to participate in Fort Langley Community Banner Program.

Fort Langley, BC – The Fort Langley Community Association (FLCA) is working with the Township of Langley to manage the streetscape banner program in the downtown areas of Fort Langley under the Community Banner Program for 2021. While the installation of banners was previously coordinated by the Fort Langley Business Improvement Association (FLBIA), the FLCA has agreed to manage the program this year, with the FLBIA’s dissolution as of December 2020.

The FLCA will coordinate the commissioning and installation of banners at 53 locations throughout the Village. Banners are typically changed throughout the year to celebrate the changes of the seasons, special events and to welcome visitors to Fort Langley.

Several of the FLBIA commissioned banners require replacement this year. The FLCA has already begun the process of designing and commissioning new ones.  The Society is also is inviting local Fort Langley non-profit organizations to participate in the program with their own designed banners.

“As members of the community, it is an honour to be able to support local organizations and welcome visitors to the Village through the banner program” says Andy Schildhorn, president of the Fort Langley Community Association.

“Our community has told us loud and clear that they value our small Village and wish to keep that feeling alive. Our goal with the banner program is to do just that by ensuring the continued streetscape beauty of our community through the management of the banner program.”

All banner design, printing and installation costs are to be covered by the applicant and banner designs must be pre-approved by the Township of Langley prior to installation.

More information on the banner program including banner design guidelines and costs and an application form can be found on the FLCA website at

The Fort Langley Community Association (FLCA) is committed to supporting community endeavors which enhance the community spirit of the Village of Fort Langley. The FLCA also supports the flow of information between Langley Township Council and Village residents and businesses on applications for development permits, proposed changes to laws or zoning and special events requiring Township approval. The Fort Langley Community Association members are the residents, owners and operators of businesses in Fort Langley. More information about the FLCA can be found at