Attendees (Board Members)                               Regrets        

Andy Schildhorn

John Allan

Connie Blundy


George Otty

Soo Jean Yee

Harold Wittell

Jasmina Hansen


Merle Campbell

Solon Bucholz



Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 7:35 p.m.


Approval of Agenda

Moved by Harold and seconded by John


Approval of May 19 Minutes

Moved by Harold and seconded by John


New Business

Lunch Truck Festival, Saturday, September 12 – A BIA Event

We received a complaint from a resident that the crowds interfered with her quiet enjoyment of the day and that she had not been notified that Mary Street would be officially closed for some period of time.  FLCA will forward the complaint to the BIA for their handling.


BIA reps Meghan and Gareth were in attendance and they reported that the Festival was in fact, very successful.  Notification was handled through social media and direct mail (note Canada Post refused to accept the street closure notice for those PO Box owners who requested “No Flyers.”)


A Defibrillation Unit has been donated to the Community Hall by the Community Improvement Society and will be installed in the Hall shortly.  Two people are being sought to take training on the operation of the unit.


Chain Franchises in the Village Core – The upcoming opening of the new Subway restaurant near the corner of 96th and Glover was raised.  There is in fact no law to prevent franchises from coming into the Village.


Notices from TOL have been  received relating to several development proposals.  A short mal-coordination of our mail pickup has precluded timely response.  The mail situation has now been rectified.  None of the proposals appeared contentious.


Remembrance Day – Mr. Warren Sommer of the Remembrance Day Planning Committee is asking FLCA members to consider assisting since their organization has had a number of members retire.  It was agreed that we will step up to help and/or integrate as the Remembrance Day event is important.



Treasurer’s Report

Jasmina reports our current balance is $6,358.40.  Because of the high balance and no disbursements in the past year, TOL turned down our 2015 Grant request.  TOL also noted that under the rules we cannot roll our funds into any single project over $2,500.00.


Business from Prior Minutes

Community Survey – Merle Campbell is working on that but was not able to attend the meeting.  Between Connie and Andy, we plan to post the 2010 survey to the website for comparison.


Parking – It was suggested that the BIA post ‘Parking Available’ maps on the website with notification of an event such as the Cranberry Festival.


Traffic Study – This is overdue and it was noted that there were some traffic counters in the Village recently.  Hopefully we will receive information from TOL shortly.


Website – George Otty reports that we now have full control over the website.  He is looking after the website maintenance.


Society Incorporation – We are sparring with the BC Registry Services.  It appears our Bylaws are insufficient and our lawyer (Lindsay Kenny) is working to correct this.



Andy moved and John seconded that the meeting be terminated at 9:00 p.m.