Attendees (Board Members)                                 Regrets      

Andy Schildhorn

Harold Whittell

John Allan

Connie Blundy

Merle Campbell

George Otty

Soo Jean Yee

Jasmina Hansen

Solon Bucholtz



Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 7:40 p.m.


Presentation – Lombardy Place

Ray Ayres and Gord Klassen visited to discuss the proposed residential buildings at Mavis and McBride.  This is a 12 unit apartment and 4 townhouse development with underground parking, parking entrance off Mavis with parking capacity well above minimum required.  This is going to Council for 2nd reading on November 2.  We suggested a more ‘heritage aspect’, although TOL is apparently pressing for the more modern look.


We do understand a number of residents from McBride Place are opposed to this development in part because of density.


Approval of Minutes of ,September 15, 2015

Moved by George Otty, seconded by Harold Whittell and approved.


Treasurer’s Report

No report available.


Business from Prior Meeting

  • The 2011 Community Survey has been posted on our website. Merle has set up the basics of a new survey and we suggest a Committee meeting to move that along.  Andy will propose two date choices.
  • Parking and Traffic – TOL did do a Traffic Study but now demands a Freedom Of Information request. George will proceed with that.
  • By-laws/Constitution as drafted – it was moved to accept them as written by Merle and seconded by Harold.
  • Remembrance Day – Andy suggests that the FLCA take on the organization and administration of this event in the future. We will work with the current Committee for this year. Meghan from BIA will work with us to see how we close Glover Road for the two hours around the Remembrance Day service.


New Business

  • Merle suggests we again approach TOL for an up to date OCP for the Village. This is to clarify procedures/permissions for developers.  It was noted that TOL is holding a series of 3 Planning Procedures open-houses during the week of October 19th – 24th.





Next Meeting

Tuesday, November 17th at the Community Hall at 7:30 pm



Moved by Connie and seconded by John to terminate the meeting at 9:15 pm