Attendees (Board Members)                              

Andy Schildhorn

Harold Whittell

Solon Bucholtz

George Otty

Merle Campbell

Jasmina Hansen


Soo-Jean Yee

Connie Blundy

John Allan


Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 7:31 p.m.


Approval of Agenda:

Moved by George Otty and approved.


Approval of Minutes of April 21, 2015

Moved by George Otty and approved.


Treasurer’s Report

We have a balance of $6,194.73.  Interest accrued $0.13


Business from Prior Meeting

  • community survey
    A discussion of the revised survey was distributed. The discussion to add a question defining whether you are a business/owner /visitor was discussed. Whether this could potentially create a divide or benefit through more specific info was weighed. Ensuring the statements were positive in nature was also discussed and some edits where made. Discussion of adding a do not know for technical questions was discussed. A discussion of adding a links tab to website for important content and online survey was discussed. Discussions of adding a question pertaining to the need for a crosswalk at Glover and the train tracks ensued. Also discussed was the need to improve education and use of the pedestrian crossing that currently goes over the tracks. Also discussed, was the need for a crosswalk across 96 to connect the pedestrian overpass. Discussion of recycling the light at Glover and Mavis and using it for a pedestrian crosswalk at 96th2- parking and traffic
    George discussed the response received from tol. Discussion whether the traffic counts were used to make the final decision. It was discussed the announcement from Tol that glover and Mavis will receive a traffic light. The diagrams represented trucks driving through the neighbourhood and whether this would support in the future more truck traffic or support this as a designated truck route3- society incorporation
    Has been submitted to victoria and waiting for approval.4- Remembrance Day

Discussion about volunteering for road closure was tabled. Discussions of donations for next year assembly and potential purchase of sound system signage and other items for Remembrance Day as our main sponsored event was tabled. Road closure issues where also addressed for next year. The FLCA involvement for 2016 was also open for discussion and a procedures manual was also discussed on how to operate the organization. Estimated attendance was guessed at 5000 and seemed to be up from last year and was generally positively received.






New Business

Discussion of the FLCA becoming an information hub for all events in the community moving forward in the future, through the creation of a community calendar with a point of contact for events in Fort Langley. Find all event organizers and plot the year and promote through website and social media


Next Meeting




Moved by Solon and seconded by George to terminate the meeting at 8:56 pm.