Attendees (Board Members)                               Regrets        

Andy Schildhorn                                                     George Otty
Harold Whittell                                                        Soo-Jean Yee
John Allan
Connie Blundy
Merle Campbell
Jasmina Hansen


Call to Order: 
The meeting was called to order at 7:35 p.m.
Approval of Agenda:
Moved by Solon Bucholz and approved.
Approval of Minutes of April 21, 2015
Moved by Harold Whittell and approved.
Treasurer’s Report
We have a balance of $6,357.74.
Business from Prior Meeting
We reviewed the Goals for 2015 as:

  1. Sandwich board – We are considering a sandwich board to be placed perhaps at 88th and Glover.  We will work to develop a specific budget and review the creative cost and the municipal fees.
  2. With regard to community engagement we asked the BIA President Eric Woodward, who was in attendance if it’s feasible for an FLCA member to attend a BIA meeting as an observer.  Eric noted that the meetings are of the Directors and can discuss sensitive financial material.  At the moment this may not be acceptable.
  3. A General Community Survey – An ad-hoc committee of FLCA Directors will meet on May 23rd to define what we wish to discover about attitudes in the Village and make the questions specific such that they elicit measureable responses. It was noted that tourists should be included as they represent an important element for our local businesses.
  4. Traffic Signals – Paul Cordeiro of the Township of Langley has engaged a professional organization to do a study on the Mavis/Glover intersection.  Once that is complete he has committed to provide the information along with a history of studies on this, to the FLCA.  At this point the truck route issue is not on the table but hopefully some of the data from this will let us determine the next step in pushing for a change to the truck route.
  5. Community Engagement – Andy met with the Fort Langley Legacy Foundation.  That was an impressive session and it is apparent that with several different groups in the Village it would be useful to have more interaction amongst these groups.


New Business
Harold raised the issue of a community map to better direct visitors to various attractions.  Some in the meeting felt that we already have a plethora of signs.  Connie to obtain a copy of the handout map being distributed out of the tourist kiosk at the Community Hall.  We will look at that to determine if we can use that as a guide in the development of a fixed map/sign.  It is noted that for tourists, the Railway Crossing is essentially a barrier.  The Pub, and more particularly lelem and the work/live studios along Billy Brown are invisible to many tourists.
Next Meeting
Tuesday, June 16th at the Community Hall at 7:30 pm



Moved by Andy and seconded by John to terminate the meeting at 8:40 pm.