Attendees (Board Members)                               Regrets        

Andy Schildhorn

John Allan

Connie Blundy

Merle Campbell

  George Otty

Soo Jean Yee

Harold Wittell

Jasmina Hansen

Solon Bucholz



Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 7:35 p.m.


This Directors only meeting was called to review some mechanical problems with the Application for Society status and as was suggested by the BC Registries Office.  It was noted that we need a proper address and it was suggested by Merle that we should approach a lawyer familiar with this kind of work.  Andy will proceed on that.


We went over our submission and corrected a number of wording points on the application, which we now believe will pass the requirements.  The lawyer noted above will hopefully give us assistance on format.


We also reviewed the Lombardy Project and a proposed new home construction at 9124 Queen Street.  Since this was not a public meeting we may not be able to provide a formal ‘opinion’ back to the Township of Langley on either project until after we table these at a meeting open to the public.


Separately John will prepare a short presentation back to the Township of Langley on the Lombardy Project.  (see attached)  Generally, the 4 Directors attending the meeting had favorable comments on the Lombardy Project.  The proposed house was not viewed in a favorable light.  For the Queen Street house, Andy is going to review with the Board of Variance.



The meeting terminated at 8:50 p.m.