Attendees (Board Members)
Connie Blundy                     Soo-Jean Yee
John Allan                            George Otty
Harold Whittell                      Merle Campbell
Jasmina Hansen

Andy Schildhorn
Solon Bucholz

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 7:08 p.m.

Special Business
Selection of Executives subsequent to the February AGM took place.
This selection was approved by all Directors.
Chair Person                        Andy Schildhorn
Vice Chair                            Solon Bucholz
Past Chair                            Connie Blundy
Secretary                             John Allan
Treasurer                             Jasmina Hansen

Regular Scheduled Meeting
Called to order at 7:30 p.m.

Special Guest
Councillor Angie Quaale attended the meeting and participated in some discussion.

Approval of Agenda
Moved by Harold and seconded by Merle.  Approved.

Approval of Minutes of February 10, 2015
Moved by John and seconded by Harold.  Approved.

Business from Prior Meetings
John presented a Transport Report noting the current status of several items.  We have quotations coming from two separate Engineering companies relating to heavy truck traffic, traffic control signals and the parking capacity in the Village.  These will be shared with the Directors when they are received.

TOL has established a Committee of Community Engagement to better reach out and engage communities in decisions being made by Council – seeking more consensus from the citizens.

The underground wiring project is out to tender for late March closing.  Apparently it must be within 15% of the $3 million budget or it will be shelved.  Also, the project must start by May 15th.  Apparently the time fence means that roadwork will be handled through the summer months.

Treasurer’s Report
Our present bank balance is $6,457.47.  We have applied for the 2015 grant and we should hear from TOL on this by the end of April.

It was moved to accept this report – moved by Jasmina and seconded by George.  Approved.

New Business

The meeting was terminated at 8:15 p.m.