ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING                                               TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 2016





Attendees (Board Members)                              

Andy Schildhorn

Harold Whittell

John Allan

George Otty

Soo Jean Yee

Merle Campbell



Solon Bucholtz

Jasmina Hansen


Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m.



Moved by George and seconded by Harold


Approval of Minutes of January 19, 2016

Moved by George and seconded by Harold


Chairperson’s Report

Since this is the AGM, Andy Schildhorn presented the Chairperson’s Report for the year 2015.  A copy is attached.


Treasurer’s Report

Jasmina was absent but did send along the Treasurer’s Report.  The bank balance as at December 31, 2015 is $6,194.99.  A complete copy of the Financial Report as at December 31, 2015 is also attached.


Election of New Directors

Frank Cox agreed to Chair the process in which the 2015 Board of Directors resigned and then he sought nominations for new Directors for 2016.


John Allan, Secretary, requested to stand down for this year.

Connie Blundy also requested to stand down.


In calling for new Directors the following agreed to stand:

  • Andy Schildhorn
  • Solon Bucholtz
  • Harold Whittell
  • George Otty
  • Sue Jean Yee
  • Merle Campbell
  • Jasmina Hansen
  • Lisa Weih

Motion to accept this group by Soo Jean and seconded by Harold.






At this point Frank Cox left the meeting  and the new Board of Directors nominated the Executive as:


Chairperson Andy Schildhorn

Vice Chair     Solon Bucholtz

Secretary       George Otty

Treasurer       Jasmina Hansen


New Business

Projects on Website

Harold advised that the Langley Times had recently noted that the FLCA website does not yet show the newly proposed commercial or housing projects in the Village.  George will work on updating as required.


Traffic Signals

The issue of the existing streetlight components at the Mavis/Glover corner was raised.  In the 2016 Budget for TOL the Mavis/Glover corner will get a new system of signals.  Since the removed components are presumably still functional, we will ask Paul Cordeiro to consider putting those components on 96th Avenue at Edal, to assist crosswalk operation at that corner. George Otty will contact Paul in writing,


Community Survey

It was noted that the Community Survey is still not on our site.  George noted that he will try to get it set up so that the form can be filled in on the website.  Andy did note that a number of the survey copies have gone out in the mail.  For folks who pick up at the Post Office, and who have requested ‘No Flyers’ they will not receive a copy through the postal system.



Next Meeting

Tuesday, March 15th  at the Community Hall at 7:30 pm.



The meeting was terminated at 8:00 pm.