Salishan: The new TOL Museum, Cultural Centre, Aboriginal Arts Lodge Development

Feb 08, 2017 Open House at St Andrews Church showing plans and drawings of new development.  Public was invited to view, ask questions and fill in feedback forms.  You can see the main presentation panels/drawings HERE.   Keep in mind that at the time of this post, these are pretty much the original plans that were being considered and some have changed since then.

May 08, 2018 New designs of proposed townhouses along King Street were produced and the mixed commercial/housing on corner of Mavis/King (present location of old museum) based on a lot of feedback from the community.  You can see those updated facade drawings HERE.

Sept 05, 2019 Announcement of $3 million in federal support for a new cultural centre and museum complex near the Fort Langley National Historic Site.  You can read all about that news announcement HERE.   It’s important to know that as of this date there were other changes made including the floor plan of the Museum.  You can see the new floor plans HERE.  We’ve also pasted the floor plans into this story (further down) for easy access.

Much of two square blocks will be significantly impacted and changed by this project at that East end of Mavis, up by the actual Fort:

(note that drawing above was from 2017 plans that we are assuming have not changed)

Floor Plans from the most current version

Also worth noting that a new (and presumably expanded) TOL Library will be opened here for Fort Langley and the one currently located in the Fort Langley Community Hall on Glover will be closed.