The Fort Langley Community Association is inviting Fort Langley residents and businesses to join a virtual focus group exploring the needs and role of an organization representing the interests of residents and businesses in the Village.
The focus groups are a follow-up to a survey conducted by the FLCA in November last year with Fort Langley residents and businesses.
Some Highlights of the survey:
The survey results indicated strong interest in an association that would represent the interests of Fort Langley residents and businesses. 
The survey also shows that residents and businesses are supportive of the FLCA in representing their needs,
They want an association that provides balance representation and reflects the viewpoints of both residents and businesses in a non-partisan way.
We will delve into the survey results at the focus groups and explore the mandate, purpose and structure of an organization that represents the interest of both residents and businesses in the Village.
Participants can sign up for one of two sessions scheduled for:
February 12 from 10am to 12pm
February 15 from 7pm to 9pm.
Space is limited.