Township Asks for Feedback For Three Cannabis Store Proposals



Request for Comment

Hello Fort Langley Friends

UPDATE: (June 09, 2020)  The Township of Langley now has three separate proposals in for new Cannabis Retail Stores in Fort Langley.   The first proposal was 9084 Glover Road (below) and we have a fair amount of information about it as far as the proposed floor plans, entrance location, etc.  The next two proposals we do not yet have anything except the addresses at this time.  Assuming we get  more we will posts it as soon as we have it.   Note before you get overly excited, the Township bylaws are designed to allow just one Cannabis store per  urban community area so it would be probably safe to assume at most, only one will be allowed to set up in Fort Langley at this time, assuming it passes.  Township Council Policy is here.

Below are the three proposals and the addresses/buildings that are listed.


Proposal 1: 9084 Glover Road

There is a proposal for a cannabis retail store at 100 9084 Glover Road (the “Young Building” of the Lily Terrace project on the East side of Glover Road).   Township of Langley is reaching out asking what requirements we are recommending to be imposed as conditions of the application proceeding. The documents can be read here and are also displayed below for ease of reading along with labels showing Glover Road location compared to floor plan.

(NOTE: We don’t yet know the proposed name of the business, this is just to depict the location)

Current Floor Plan (new building, empty floor):


Proposed Floor Plan and door changes:


Proposal 2: 9103 Glover Road

This is the building on the West side of Glover Road at 96th Ave that has been vacant for a couple of years.  Previously it looked like a restaurant was going to move in but it did not work out.  We do not have any details yet about how big, the floorplans or where the final entrance would be located.


Proposal 3: 9273 Glover Road

This is the building that currently houses the Fort Langley Pub and the Rail and River Bistro.  We do not have any details yet on exactly where in the building the proposed Cannabis store would be, how big, the floorplans or where the entrance would be located.


If you have any thoughts or comments please email back as soon as possible.  Note that the Township is asking specifically for requests for requirements you would like in place to be imposed as conditions of this application proceeding.  You can either write an email to us at “” or you can type your comments here.

We will be on hand Saturday at our booth at the Farmer’s Market to take written comments for Township or email your comments to

Your emails and letters do make a difference!  

Thank You,

Andy Schildhorn,

Fort Langley Community Association