Funding requirements for these enhancements will be proposed for the 2025 budget.

  1. Overview of the Program:
    • The program is part of Metro Vancouver’s broader efforts to manage mosquito populations in the region, particularly in areas prone to stagnant water from flooding.
    • An environmentally friendly larvicide targets mosquito larvae without the use of adulticide (spraying/fogging).
  2. Recent Developments:
    • Morrow Bioscience Ltd. has been contracted again to monitor and treat mosquito breeding areas in the region for the next five years.
    • The contractor has introduced several new features to enhance the program, including the appointment of a First Nation Liaison and the implementation of drone technology for hard-to-reach areas.
  3. 2024 Season Predictions:
    • Due to lower than usual snowpack levels, the mosquito population is expected to be lower unless unforeseen heavy rainfall occurs.
    • The treatment focuses on larvae, and monitoring will begin in spring with applications made by ground, water, or air.
  4. Budget and Funding:
    • Additional funds will be required to cover the enhanced services of the mosquito control program. A proposal has been made to include these costs in the 2025 budget.
  5. Public Education and Outreach:
    • The program includes significant efforts to educate the public about mosquito control and prevention through various channels including social media, local events, and direct community engagement.
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