Fund moving the North Langley

Truck Route

Over the past several years annual surveys have shown that the number one concern for Fort Langley residents and businesses remains the designated Truck Route through our community. Large trucks that haul heavy loads and machinery place our residents and visitors at risk. For this reason, our community remains united to the proposal of rerouting trucks from Fort Langley to a more strategic and appropriate route.

At this time Langley Township is proposing the following solution:

Removal of Glover Road from 88th Avenue to the Fraser River;
Removal of 96 Avenue from 216 Street to Glover Road;
Removal of Mavis Avenue from Glover Road to River Road;
Removal of River Road from Mavis Avenue to 240 Street;
Removal of 88 Avenue east of 264 Street;
Addition of Rawlison Cresent from 232 Street to 240 Street; and
Addition of 240 Street from Rawlison to River Road

The Township of Langley Council will soon be in the final stages of budget deliberations for this and many other projects slated for 2020. This initiative was brought before Council in 2011 and to date remains virtually unfunded. Without full funding, this project will remain stagnant and in bureaucratic limbo, continuing to be a safety risk to the community and dampen the Village’s economy.

Mayor and Council will soon be reviewing submissions and it is very important that at this time we inform them that it is not acceptable to continue to delay funding for this important traffic project.

As a resident or business of North Langley, you can help by voicing your support for full funding in 2020 with no further delays in the construction of the Truck Route Proposal.

Show your support by either clicking the link to the online petition here:  Petition



  1. Alanna Dunlop February 5, 2020 at 5:07 am - Reply

    I agree with Bruce’s comment regarding the solution being presented by the Township. I fully support the removal of truck routes from our community, but the proposed route is not the best for all of Fort Langley. With the removal of 96 avenue, 88th avenue from Glover up the hill to Walnut Grove is the single east/west route for trucks coming from Rawlison Crescent. The intersection of 88 avenue and Glover is less than a 90 degree turn when going from south to west, and sidewalks are narrow. Parents and children are also in vehicles turning left or right onto Trattle street a peak times when increased truck traffic will be on the road. We need a solution that improves safety all Fort Langley residents and visitors

  2. Bruce Johnson January 24, 2020 at 9:54 pm - Reply

    as much as I would like to remove trucks from downtown, I feel the plan is a failure because it will double the traffic from Wright to Glover on 88th Ave. The angle of 88 and Glover is sharp enough that trucks are having problems turning the corner from either direction. also in respect, the corner at Glover and Rawlison Is a bad enough place for the trucks we have now. The proposed road that was changed from 88 to Rawlinson that council cancelled for their Golf course is still the best way to handle the traffic. Funny how golf can change things. Redwood golf would have had road beside it if the council at that time had left the proposed road from 88 to 96 and not the disaster along 216 in front of two schools.

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