Sidewalk options

To view the entire FLCA presentation to Township Council on the proposal of a crosswalk across 96th Ave at Edal.  Click HERE


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  1. Bruce Johnson January 15, 2017 at 9:41 pm - Reply

    for over 35 years now we still do not have a sidewalk and curb on Trattle Street even though we have a main bus route as well as route for extra buses for the Fine Arts School and the traffic during school hours is to say the least, unsafe. There has been little to no service other than filling the potholes weeks after they show. The bus (raised areas) are too close to the road and the lines have not been painted in years. People park on the walk areas and park their garbage on the road edge. Home owners are afraid to complain for fear of increased taxes as my house value increased over 30% with no improvements. Where will it go when I need to replace the roof? I now have become a million plus land baron.

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